In today’s Hot Seat we have Joe Parisi of Erge Smart Golf. This is a real interview with thought-provoking questions, and some great insights come from it. Today’s guest is almost ready to release newly designed products that will change the golfing industry for the better. Whether you want to break through a plateau, be more competitive with friends or just feel confident enough to conduct business on the course, these golfing innovations are the cure.

Joe Parisi is an entrepreneur and the CEO of Erge Smart Golf; a US-based company that he established to solve age-old golf problems for hundreds of years. The company’s online store sells innovative anti-slice golf clubs, drivers, putters, irons, golf balls, bags, and accessories.

As a young man, Joe didn’t make decisions based on what was popular at that time, but he knew entrepreneurship would be popular in the future. He also knew that education and innovation are the keys to business success.  He, therefore, decided to pursue professional degrees that many successful entrepreneurs will tell you are relevant to becoming a successful innovator and entrepreneur. Mr. Joe, therefore, holds a Bachelor of Applied Science degree from San Diego State University-California State University and a Master’s degree in Kinesiology and Exercise Science from Benedictine University.

The seed of entrepreneurship is the ability to see things from a different angle. Whether it is a new process or new products on the market, entrepreneurs are driven by the mysterious urge to see holes in the marketplace and come up with innovations to fill them. Mr. Parisi saw holes in the golfing industry the reason he started Erge Smart Golf in 2014.

His business idea evolved from nowhere. He shared with James P Friel how he stumbled across the opportunity at a platinum mastermind event in Fiji when his friend told him about Benedikt, a Swedish inventor in Spain. His friend shared to him how Benedikt had come out with a brand new product on the market which was doing well in Europe at the time. Benedikt’s brilliant innovations, creative designs, and technologies didn’t last for long.  The combination of deadly cancer and the sudden death of his lovely son not only left Benedikt fighting for his life but also sent him into depression as well. As a result, his innovative product was taken off the market.

Benedik’s golf club has been kept a secret for the last 12 years. After listening to this innovator’s touching story, Joe thought to himself,

”There is a solution! My time has come to find the innovation, creative designs and technologies behind Benedik’s golf club to change the golfing industry forever.”


Now Joe is bringing a new product to the market. This may be one of the biggest innovations the sport of golf has seen in over a decade.

What you will hear:

  • [2:22] Origin of Erge Smart Golf. Where the business idea came from and how he started the venture
  • [06: 12] Bringing a product like this to market is incredible.  Things that motivated him and how he did it.
  • [06:43] Technology behind his newly designed products. He explains the problem that this technology fixes
  • [10:00] How and why his products are different from others available in the market. Joe says that they are bringing to the market a solution to what affects 80% of all golfers
  • [14:17] The strategy that made him succeed which includes picking an existing idea, assembling an advisory team, building a team of innovators and designers, hiring a branding coach, reading informative books, raising capital, developing the idea, convincing others about the idea and taking the product on the market.
  • [18:40] The biggest challenges Joe faced and how he overcame these them
  • [19:27] Promoting his new product by running a Facebook campaign, creating an armature website and capture pages.
  • [21:50] The response and feedback after running the promotions
  • [25:50] Advice to those want to start a new product, but they are afraid. He shares where they should get the motivation from and things they can do to succeed.
  • [29:30] Where his products can be purchased. What his products promises and what guarantee he gives.
  • [33: 33] The key to successful marketing

Parting shot

Joe ran a small Facebook campaign not to generate quick leads but as a way of testing interest in the market. To his surprise, the engagement and click through rate showed that his products were well received.


Business plan

  • Picking an existing idea
  • Assembling an advisory team
  • Building a team of innovators and designers
  • Hiring a branding coach
  • Reading informative books

Executing a plan

  • Raising capital
  • Developing the business idea
  • Convincing others about the idea
  • Taking the product on the market


  • Facebook Ads
  • Creating landing and capture pages