If you’ve ever wondered how some people operate successful businesses and still manage to have a good lifestyle, then this episode is for you. In this show, James P Friel of Contract CEO interviews Dennis Kay II’ a guy who managed to create an awesome business that supports his dreams.

10 years ago, Dennis and his wife were fed up with cold weather in the United States and decided to look for a tropical location to relocate to. In their search, they discovered Belize, a country on the eastern coast of Central America. Since then, they have been living in this country for almost a decade helping others make their dreams of owning property in the Caribbean a dream come true. He specializes in offering his clients education regarding real estate investments in the form of live webinars, updated newsletters, videos, and publications.

Dennis is the author of the book titled “Belize Relocation and Investment Guide” which offers an in-depth look at Belize with special emphasis on Ambergris Caye for those looking to invest or relocate to this country. The book talks about things you have to go through to be able to relocate to Belize after retirement or as a home away from home.  It is an info-packed book compiled by the guy who has been in this Caribbean country for several years and done proven investment. He is an expert who has invested in the country’s capital using Self-directed IRA.

In 2005, he founded Elite Real Estate Investments together with John Turley. The company’s specialty is to work with individuals or group investors who are looking for a way to move their hard-earned funds safely offshore and set up business interests in Belize. They offer them custom made packages that fit their needs and ROI goals.

Here is what you will hear in this episode

[01:27] Dennis shares how he started chasing a lifestyle that was right for him and his wife. He says that he was born and raised in Michigan and they (together with his wife) had what many could consider an ultimate dream lifestyle. The problem is they didn’t have any free time. They worked 60 hours a week trying to maintain his life. One day, they made a solution to leave the United States to search for a country that they would enjoy living a lifestyle that they thought was right for them. They discovered Belize.

[03:30] He shares what he used to do before his realization to chase this lifestyle. He says that he worked for a large automotive company and eventually got in sales and the ended his career there in corporate sales.

[05:40] Dennis also shares the point in his life when he realized that it was time to chase his dream of living the lifestyle that he wanted to live.

[08:11] He shades more light about what he has been up to in Belize and how that kind of unfolding is creating a life that he’s really excited with. Why he settled on Belize and not other countries.

[10:40] Challenges he faced while trying to settle in Belize. He says that at that time, he had to take a serious look at who would be most interested in what he offered.

[11:54] He shares strategies he used to overcome those challenges. How he moved forward despite the troubles he experienced while trying to settle in Belize.

[16:05] He reveals the time when he decided to make a transition from the more traditional model to what he is doing today.

[18:28] Dennis goes into detail about the biggest lesson for him throughout the period he has spent selling property in a foreign country. He shares that trust and integrity don’t flow as easily when teaching real estate investing. He also emphasizes the importance of building integrity and trust with customers and prospects Automated Marketing Funnels is the hottest trend in marketing today, but he shares about how you should not completely remove yourself from the equation.

[22:46] James adds that there’s this massive misconception and missed opportunities by people who pursue mission strictly for the sake of pursuing automation versus leveraging automation as a way to increase the kind of relationships that you can have with your customer.

[24:46] Dennis also adds that he is a big believer that automation frees up your time to pursue other aspects of your business, to enjoy life, to go out and do those crazy things you always wanted to.

[25:38] Dennis says that trust is a necessary prerequisite to doing anything with somebody. Do not go and invest a ton of money with somebody you don’t trust and you don’t go watch a movie recommendation from somebody whose judgment you don’t trust.

[28:35] Dennis also reveals the wisdom that he would share with somebody who is just getting started on real estate investment. He says that he would tell them to be a gracious reader that he is today. He would also tell them to keep up with technology.

[32:40] James also shares a personal story and emphasizes the importance of education. He says that you have to be able to see the world differently if you want to create something for yourself.

[38:55] Dennis adds that what helps people see the world differently in an attempt to create things for themselves are the ideas they pull from books and authors.

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