Are you worried about your next move as an entrepreneur or business owner? Do you want to become a bulletproof businessman? You have come to the right place. The idea of this show is to discuss about success formula. You will learn about success tactics and strategies you can use to become a bulletproof businessman.

The host in this episode is James Friel of Contract CEO and the creator of the boardroom, and the guest is Dan Burge who is also a member of the boardroom and a successful technology guru. There are also many other reasons why Dan Burge is the right guy in this show.

While aged 10 years, Dan knew exactly what he wanted to do in life. He liked mathematics since grade 1 and had a hunger to find out how things worked. Also, he had a fascination with any computer device he came across.

He shares in this episode that he used to have sleepovers at his cousin’s house to just to be around computers. At that time programmers used to have instructions for computer programs, where you would type in character by character and then hit “enter” button on the keyboard and a little program would be created.

When it comes to education, Dan is kind of a genius. He graduated from high school in 1995 and never proceeded to university. He wanted to start his own business at an early age so a year after graduation from high school he started building websites for lake resorts.

There weren’t a lot of business people in his family. It is only his father who had attempted a small tire shop which made his father move them out of Missouri. However, the venture didn’t work and they all returned back.

Dan shares his story and how he saves companies thousands of dollars with technology implementation and integration.

What you will hear in this episode

[06:19] Dan shares how he got into what he is doing right now. What on earth made him want to get into technology, marketing and above all why did he want to be an entrepreneur.

[11:24] He talks about his first business. He shares the very first business he launched where he started selling something for money.

[15:34] He reveals the biggest challenges he has had in the last 19 years he has been in business which include mindset shifts and business failures. He says that he started as a technical person and found pursuing entrepreneur stuff a challenge.

[19:56] He shares how he took over the sales piece challenges. The things that kept him going despite the challenges he faced. What was in his mind at that point.

[23:18] The best piece of sales advice that he received from that training that he had.  You must understanding what the real pain and problems people are going through before you offer a solution.

[25:01] He reveals the specific things he tried before getting the training that changed his course of action. The actual things he is doing that has brought a positive change for him and companies he consults with.

[27:45] The impact of learning new skills. How the knowledge translated into transforming his business. He says that it translated into success.

[31:13] He summarizes the problems businesses face when they try to move forward with a software project. The biggest myth people fall for is that ‘offshore outsourcing’ is always the right choice. However, there are a lot of risks and pitfalls with going that route. There’s a lot of turnover and unreliability with working in that. He helps a lot of companies that were burned by outsourcing and do it right the second time.

[40:30] He shares a little bit more about the things that people would take to their advantage at the beginning of any project to make sure they are setting themselves up for success. A major problem that most people have when embarking on a project is that they don’t know everything they’re getting themselves into.

[48:00] Some of the more interesting and exciting projects that Dan has been working on for clients. He shares site where you can get an idea of sort of things that he works on.

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