This show is brought to you by Garrett J. White who is the creator of The Warrior 90 Day Challenge and James P. Friel of Contract CEO. They discuss the mindsets and skills that are necessary for you to become a bulletproof businessman.

There are several reasons why you should reason to these two guys. James is a renowned American business consultant who focuses on helping small entrepreneurs systematically accelerate their business growth and sustainability. He will show you how to create profits that lasts from your business venture. We have share a lot about this guy in other episodes.

Mr. Garrett J. White is commonly referred to as the “Master Coach Mentor.” He is a passionate, powerful, spiritual guy who has undergone tremendous transformative journey from being a broke P.E. teacher to powerful Entrepreneur. Many people know him as a thought leader in the world of Financial Production and Spiritual Transformation. Others see him as the Guru of Getting Paid To Play.

While aged 22 years old, Garrett began his transformational journey from the pit of despair to the peak of possibility. His wife divorced him; he became bankrupt; got cancer and felt that the world had deserted him. Later he would say that he had arrived at the primary crossroads of his life. At this crossroad, he was compelled to choose between two choices. The first one was to live a life of poverty, darkness, and mediocrity. The second choice was to live a life of light, prosperity, and greatness. He didn’t want to beat around the bush. He chose the second one; to live a life of light, prosperity, and greatness.

While aged 24 years old, Garrett discovered the world on Real Estate Investing and Investment Banking. He has managed to explode on the world of business, becoming a multimillionaire while building an empire in Real Estate, three national mortgage companies, and a professional speaking career.

Because of his Arrogance, he felt he had arrived. Unfortunately, while aged 3o years old, he lost everything. His empire in Real Estate and national mortgage was unable to help him recover from the impact of mortgage banking crisis and credit crunch. He was in debt and broke beyond belief and once again felt completely alone.

The pressure of financial explosion and need to provide to his family created a dynamic tension that drove him to ask questions which he had never thought of asking himself before. Who am I? What is my purpose in this life? What do I really want? He didn’t find answers to these questions but they led him on a journey of Self discovery that would ultimately liberate and awaken him to a place of wholeness he had never known before.

At the Age of 32, he uncovered the formula of achieving peace, power and productivity in life. He heard this voice which to him to stop doing what he hated and start doing what he loved. This discovery led him to the co-creation of the freedom fast track and paid to play training process. This program focuses on activating, awakening and accelerating the business of YOU while Freedom Fast Track focuses on turning your potential into profit.

At the of 34, he has co-authored three best-selling books, The Economics of Soul Purpose, The Money Tree and The Game Changers; The new rules of Enlightened Entrepreneurship.

Garrett and his wife Danielle have two children, Parker and Bailee. He reveals in one of his blogging sites that his kids bring constant contrast and expansion to his life.

Here is what you will hear in this episode

[00:49] What does it mean to be bulletproof businessman?  They discuss about two things. Number one is an input to mindset. There’s a certain way of thinking that allows a person to become resilient and courageous in the face of fear, chaos, certainty and confusion. Secondary, is an input in skillset. This comes down to the way we think about things, the way we do things and the way that you do things are going to be.

[09:14] James says that you can never get so successful if you stop needing the perspective of people who have been there before or those who have done that before. He also adds a quote by Isaac Newton which says, “I’ve only seen as far as I have because I’ve stood on the shoulders of giants.”

[13:52] A lot of entrepreneurs and business owners do not put in the strategic thinking time into their businesses and their results show that. Everything works better when it’s focused and pointed in a specific direction.

[17:00] They discuss about how you can create space for yourself to as strategic as possible. You have to set some time aside at some point during the week to actually think strategically about your business. Think about what you want; where you want to go; and what are the big problems that are getting in your way? You should not make thinking time about their business negotiable.

[24:14] If your mindset and your relationship to money isn’t good, then you’re kind of walking around with one leg. You can move to get to where you want to go by hopping. The same holds true if you are solid on your marketing and metrics but you are not thinking strategically, then your business is at risk.

[25:23] You will be considered to be bulletproof only when you can stand on both legs; when you have skill sets dialed in; when you understand the marketing tactics and strategies; and when you have mind set and my relationships money dialed in.

[27:40] Garrrett says it is important to review yourself. It’s important to spend some time looking at what was accomplished, to celebrate what was accomplished and of course to correct what may not have worked so well. You must be super locked in and focused to strategic planning of your life because without it, it’s impossible for you to accomplish what you want to accomplish.

[32:25] James adds that you have to give your mind a target to focus on because. If you don’t, your mind still has a target to focus on and it is going to take you to that one accidentally. And you don’t want that. And when you have a result that you want to achieve, you must be committed to doing things that it takes to get that result.

[39:47] Strategic Seduction. James says that people have to feel comfortable with you before they’re going to do business with you. Gone are the days where you can just sit there, tell your target customers a bunch of stuff and expect them to buy from you. You must be real with your marketing or advertising and look at how that happens in real life. You need to employ strategic seduction.

[44:40] Garrett says that the way the way you seduce my wife and the way you seduce your prospects there are literally is no difference. The fundamental mechanics of seduction are the same across the board including business.

[46: 30] James discusses the three components to marketing, selling and advertising and the importance of all these three components. If any one of those three is missing, then your marketing machine that you’re trying to create for your business is not really going to work for you.

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