The guest in this episode is Mr. Trey Lewellen, a guy who has not only built an online empire within the shortest time possible but also helped thousands of other people make tons of money too. Together with James P. Friel of Contract CEO, they discuss about the state of marketing, what is working now and where things are headed.

Mr. Trey is a renowned mentor and coach. He is an important guest in this show because he has grown a very successful business through selling unique T-Shirts, creating membership sites and coaching people to do the same. From selling tea to creating an empire, Trey’s story and this interview with James P. Friel of Contract CEO is packed with a ton of valuable information that will inspire you.

Throughout his life, he has always had a fascination with becoming an unstoppable entrepreneur. While aged 16 years old, Trey started his own pool cleaning company. He didn’t get any earnings from this business.

While studying for his degree in electrical engineering at Missouri Science and Technology, he built a business that aimed at selling white loose leaf tea throughout the state of Missouri. At the same time he was studying electrical engineering, he also studied computer science and computer engineering.

Upon graduate from university, he discovered something important though he didn’t like it. He spent his days on work sites glued on his computer, glasses, and earplugs. He shares on his blogging site that the work was fine but he missed the art of interacting with people.

After few years on those sites, everything changed to the better. He listened to one episode in which an amazing speaker from Mississippi inspired him. He talked to this guy and requested him to share how he came about his success. He quickly shifted from working for someone else to being an entrepreneur.

Since then, has he has managed to built an online business empire and also helped thousands of other people make tons of money. His passion is to find what works, and then sharing what he has learned with others. His aim is to help people to become successful in what they do.

Here is one of his favorite quotes

“I’ve learned that in order to be happy in life, you need to figure out what your talents and strengths are… then run with them! Don’t settle for anything less than what your abilities can get you.”

Success in his sales career led him to develop his new vision: taking all the lessons, tips, and tricks that help his business grow and thrive, and sharing them with his listeners.

What you will hear

03.26: Trey shares who he is, what he is up to and where he was before he became the bad asset he is today. He says that he started with a pool cleaning business, and then went into the business of selling Tea. Surprisingly, he didn’t make any money in those two businesses. He was welcomed into entrepreneurship with a lot of failures and learning experiences. He went back to school, came back and went into the insurance business. In the insurance business is where he found the entrepreneur spirit of making money and how businesses work. After getting this spirit and exposure to internet marketing, he decided to start his online business empire. He has learned that the key to business success is implementation and executing on the good ideas you get.

08.30: Staying Power Within ‘The Burn-out Stage.’ James shares that the thing that separates the people that make it and the one that don’t seems to be staying power and the ability to stay in that burnout.

09: 26: Trey shares the things that kept him going despite the burnout. The thoughts that he was focused on that kept him going. He talks about the ‘burn-out’ stage he went through, where he was consuming tons of information, trying to implement all of them. Eventually he had a break-through and realized the marketing and sales formula that would make him a lot of money. One of the thoughts that kept him going despite the burnout was that, “I’m going to become a success even if it kills me.”

13: 03: James says that when we allow other people to say that we can’t do this or achieve certain results, we are just allowing our limiting beliefs to work against us. Anytime somebody tells you that you can’t do something all they mean is that they can’t do it but not you.

16: 10: Trey adds that it’s time to take a step back and figure out things that you are doing that are limiting you from making whatever you are doing work.

16: 40: James says that everything in your world is as a result of what you have chosen to create either deliberately or consciously created. Until that time you really get to that point where you realize that you are the author of your Story, you will come to realize that there are laws and effect that rule this world.

21: 08: James says that the more you focus on more you focus on scarcity of resource the more scarce resources are going to show up in a negative way.

25: 14: Trey shares in detail about his business and how he has gone from that guy who was reading the book into actually having a business that is making ridiculous amounts of money and that is helping other people make money.

32: 42: He also describes his business by saying that it is a hosting platform that sells shirts for you here just in traffic to handle the rest. They pay you commission on the back.

34: 30: He also shares how he grew his business using proper Facebook campaigns and how people are earning money from that idea. How they are handling complaints.

37: 20: James points out two things from Trey’s story about online business. One is that there is a difference between building a business and making money online. The second thing is that the real business is one that is sustainable and one that has taken into account the different outside forces from the marketplace that can come in and clobber it.

40: 00: Trey mentions where people can find him to learn more about his mastermind or for mentorship.

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