This is part two of Bulletproof Businessman which features Trey Lewellen discussing with James P. Friel of Contract CEO. As discussed in the first part of this episode, Trey Lewellen is a successful guy who has built an online business that generates a six figure income per year and also helped thousands of other people make tons of money too.  

Many people know him as a serious mentor and coach. He is an important guest in this show because he has grown a very successful business through selling unique T-Shirts, creating membership sites and coaching people to do the same. From selling tea to creating an empire, Trey’s story and this interview with James P. Friel of Contract CEO is packed with a ton of valuable information that will inspire you.

Throughout his life, he has always had a fascination with becoming an unstoppable entrepreneur. While aged 16 years old, Trey started his own pool cleaning company. He didn’t get any earnings from this business.

While studying for his degree in electrical engineering at Missouri Science and Technology, he built a business that aimed at selling white loose leaf tea throughout the state of Missouri. At the same time he was studying electrical engineering, he also studied computer science and computer engineering.

Upon graduate from university, he discovered something important though he didn’t like it. He spent his days on work sites glued on his computer, glasses, and earplugs. He shares on his blogging site that the work was fine but he missed the art of interacting with people.

After few years on those sites, everything changed to the better. He listened to one episode in which an amazing speaker from Mississippi inspired him. He talked to this guy and requested him to share how he came about his success. He quickly shifted from working for someone else to being an entrepreneur.

Since then, has he has managed to built an online business empire and also helped thousands of other people make tons of money. His passion is to find what works, and then sharing what he has learned with others. His aim is to help people to become successful in what they do.

In this episode, Trey and James P. Friel of Contract CEO, they expand on the great conversation they had in the last episode. The last conversation was about the state of marketing, what is working now and where things are headed.

What you will hear

04: 43: ‘Luck Factor’ and Jealousy. Trey explains that many people attribute success to luck, because they don’t believe that they can create anything meaningful in their lives. They don’t believe that they are in control of their lives; they don’t believe that they are the creator of their lives or they can decide their destiny. He also says that there is a lot of jealousy pointed towards successful people who live vicariously.

10:30: James adds that we all have unique gifts we are all unique talents but everyone is capable of anything that they really want. That is the way we are wired. We might have different circumstances but it is our core unique opportunity to take everything that we have or anything that we are good at and use it to achieve our goals.

12:30: The Power of Knowledge. They both agree that it’s all about the knowledge one has will make a business become bullet proof but not the money. Many millionaires across the world who had gone bankrupt have managed to recover some of their wealth not because of the money they had but the blueprint and knowledge on how to re-create it. They know what it takes to rebuild the business again.

21:30: James points out that when you don’t know how to create revenue that is when you believe the world is scarce. And when you know how to create, you don’t see the world as scarce anymore. You see abundance because you know how to make things happen.

22:30: Trey adds that once you know how to buy something for cheaper you can control everything you do every day.

24:17: You should surround yourself with smarter people. If you’re the wealthiest in the room you’re in the wrong room. Don’t pretend to be something or somebody you are not. Don’t try to be a know-it-all because you will end up hurting yourself. You are stunting your growth and putting a ceiling on what you are capable of achieve by not being teachable. Build a network of people that believe in you, inspires and encourages you.

27:17: James says that he only person that you are really punishing by pretending that you are something; that you know everything or by not admitting when you don’t know things is you.

33: 40: James also says that when you really want the things that you say you want, you must be willing to do the things that it takes to make it happen. And if you’re not willing to do things it takes to make it happen, you probably don’t want it that bad and that is OK. If you really want something then do it.

35:45:  Let your business concentrate on giving value and your customers will give you money. Treat your customers how you want to be treated. You want honest solutions and value when you look to buy something and your customers want the same thing. Dial back the salesmanship in your marketing message and focus on what value you can offer your.

36:45: There are several entrepreneurs who have good ideas which are not making them money. The idea here according to James is that it has nothing to do with the idea but how well one executes on the idea.

40:00: Trey adds that when you only have the training videos without the mentoring from the right people, you are likely to fail in executing your business plans. A good mentor will help you notice minor mistakes and show you how to correct them.

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